ILDC - International Lift Design Contest

6th International Lift Design Contest

New Lifts for Passengers and for Passenger & Freight in Existing Buildings

To increase elderlies’ mobility and to ensure accessibility for the handicapped are the themes that are getting more and more important issue in both national and international level, therefore the theme of the “International Lift Design Contest” in 2015 is chosen as NEW LIFTS FOR PASSENGERS AND FOR PASSENGER & FREIGHT IN EXISTING BUILDINGS.

In ILDC 2015 International Lift Design contest;
  • There is no first winner project.
  • Hilal Kurt & Merve Aynur were chosen for 2nd winner with their shared project with CEYL 9234 pseudonym,
  • Pınar Şimşek & Emre Çağlar were chosen for 3rd winner with their shared project with BLAD 1357 pseudonym.
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